Our Five Taskforces

Policy ReDesign ReUse ReCycle Capacity Building


The analysis of existing approaches and e-waste policies in order to issue recommendations for future developments in both developing and developing world.

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Efforts to support the design for better re-use, repair, refurbishment and recycling.

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The development of replicable, sustainable and globally consistent re-use systems for electrical and electronic eqipment.

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The enhancement of global recycling infrastructures, systems and technologies to realize sustainable e-waste recycling systems with special focus in developing countries.

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Capacity Building

The development of infrastructures for a sustainable, efficient, effective and target group oriented capacity building to increase awareness on the growing e-waste problem.

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Featured Member

Brussels, Belgium

WorldLoop is an international non-profit committed to offsetting the negative impact of ICT4Dev projects in developing countries by acting as a catalyst and a network, supporting environmentally sound e-waste recycling practices in these regions.
WorldLoop raises awareness about the e-waste, sets up and act as a quality label for recycling centres in developing countries and collaborates with stakeholders to support these facilities to become self-sustaining.
By linking together actors involved in e-waste collection, dismantling, recycling, disposal, transport and logistics, while providing support, best practices and oversight to these facilities WorldLoop turns e-waste into sustainable, human and economic resources.

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