Our Taskforce: Policy

for waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and used electronic products. Based on this, we explore recommendations for future developments to solve the e-waste problem.



The Objectives

The overall aim of the Task Force is:

To report and analyze on the status of existing approaches and particular policies
for electronic waste and used electronics products and based on this explore
recommendations for future developments to solve the e-waste problem.

Objectives, topics and tasks

  • Analyze national legislation and the international policy framework for effective controlling, enforcement of trade and enhancing the recycling of e-waste and used electronic products
  • Evaluate present approaches in industrializing regions such as Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America and Southeast Asia (including China and India)
  • Set up dialogues with key players in the field of e-waste.
  • Identify existing business models and develop new ones to support the sustainable use of information and communication technologies
  • Examine alternatives to existing practices that are more suitable for the situation in the industrialiszing world
  • Develop recommendations on new types of policy measures

Taskforce News



tl_files/step/_bilder/number1.png   2009-01-28
E-waste Take-back System Design and Policy Approaches



tl_files/step/_bilder/number3.png   2009-10-01
On the Revision of EU's WEEE Directive - COM (2008)810 final



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