Name Change for E-waste Summer School and E-waste Academy


Both the E-waste Summer School and the E-waste Academy have new names. Now in its fourth year, the successful and innovative E-waste Summer School is changing its name to E-waste Academy-Scientists Edition (EWAS). EWAS brings together academics and researchers from a broad range of disciplines to look at the e-waste issue in its entirety from multiple perspectives and through multiple academic lenses. EWAS provides a unique platform for young scientists involved in e-waste-related research to share their knowledge, interact with experts and develop collaborative partnerships that will foster high quality, cutting-edge scientific research on all areas related to e-waste, including policy, technology, economics, social aspects and more. For more information on EWAS, please click here.

The E-waste Academy is changing its name to E-waste Academy-Managers Edition (EWAM). EWAM is a pioneering endeavor that aims to foster long-term, multi-stakeholder partnerships and collaboration on e-waste policy and management. EWAM provides an invaluable forum for stakeholders involved in e-waste system – including industry experts, system designers, policymakers, government officials, and others – to share their knowledge and experiences, interact with experts and form collaborative partnerships with the goal of developing and implementing long-term, sustainable solutions to the e-waste problem. Such action-oriented, multi-stakeholder collaboration is essential in order to address the complex environmental, economic and social challenges of e-waste management.  For more information on EWAM, please click here.

More information on EWAS and EWAM, including information on how you can get involved, can be found on the StEP Initiative’s Team Capacity Building’s website (here). If you are interested in supporting EWAS, EWAM or both, please contact Ruediger Kuehr.

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