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Programme 2013

The 2013 E-waste Academy – Scientists Edition takes place from 1st to 10th December in Geneva and St.Gallen. The program consists of a mix of expert faculty lectures, panel discussions, student presentations, workshops, study tours and intensive group work.  The students will come from all continents to discuss the most pressing issues and recent findings pertaining to the management of end-of-life electrical and electronic equipment (e-waste) More particularly, and following this year's theme (“Visualising E-waste Futures”), the students will gain an insight into questions and potential solutions for e-waste coming up in the future.    The students' group work will focus on one of the most pressing current and future aspects of e-waste in transboundary flows.  


Sunday, Dec 1st Introductions and Welcome Dinner
Monday, Dec 2nd Expert Lectures, Student Presentations, Groupwork
Tuesday, Dec 3rd Expert Lectures, Tour of UN Palais des Nations, MPPI Vernissage
Wednesday, Dec 4th Expert Lectures, Panel Discussion, Student Presentations
Thursday, Dec 5th Expert Lectures, Student Presentations and 
Study Tour to Cable Recycler
Friday, Dec 6th Expert Lectures, Student Presentations and Group Work. Transer to St.Gallen
Saturday, Dec 7th Free time and Group Work
Sunday, Dec 8th Groupwork
Monday, Dec 9th Study tour to E-waste & Fridge Recycler; Pallet Sampling Workshop
Tuesday, Dec 10th Data Visualisation Workshop, Groupwork Presentation

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EWAS 2014: Call for Application


Claudia Luepschen
Operating Unit SCYCLE
Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability (UNU-IAS)
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