Step's five
founding principles

What set of rules and recommendations guides our work as Step seeks to uncover practical solutions to a situation that is pretty detrimental to the good of our world and our communities?

The Step initiative derives its authority from Five Founding Principles.

Step's work is founded on
scientific assessments and
incorporates a comprehensive
view of the social, environmental
and economic aspects of e-waste.

Step conducts research
on the entire life-cycle of
electronic and electrical equipment
and their corresponding global
supply, process and materials flow.

Step's research and pilot
projects are meant to
contribute to the solution of
e-waste problems.

Step condemns all
illegal activities related
to e-waste including illegal
shipments and reuse /recycling
practices that are harmful to the
environment and human health

Step seeks to foster
safe and eco/energy-
efficient reuse and recycling
practices around the globe in
a socially responsible manner.

Everything we say and do is underpinned by adherence to these vital Five Founding Principles of Step.