Step - solving the e-waste problem

E-waste is an urgent global issue. Everyone needs to work together to manage the situation.

As the problem of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) increases exponentially, our world needs to take action to develop answers that address, tackle and solve critical issues and prevent the generation of more harmful e-waste.

  • Step sets about establishing the facts and finding solutions our global environment urgently needs
  • Step oversees numerous training programmes and workshops and produces research reports and  policy briefs
  • Step advises governments in the development of policies, legislation and management systems

The Step Initiative is happening right now.

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The aim of Step

"Step's aim is to reduce dangers to humans and the environment which result from inadequate and irresponsible treatment practices. Crucially, Step aims to advance resource efficiency and prevent ongoing e-waste generation"

Dr. Ruediger Kuehr, Executive Secretary & Co-Founder, Step Initiative & United Nations University