What is a Step White Paper?

The Purpose of a Step White Paper is to state and explain Step’s position on e-waste related issues, to make scientific-based recommendations and provide guidance to relevant stakeholders and decision makers. Because all Step members endorse the conclusions made, all White Papers are reflecting a common Step standpoint

What is a Step Green Paper?

The Step Green Paper Series is a publication tool for research findings which meet the core principles of Step and contribute to its objectives towards solving the e-waste problem. Step members agreed on this support of the author(s)’ work, but do not necessarily endorse the conclusions made. Hence, Step Green Papers are not necessarily reflecting a common Step standpoint.

It is foreseen that in applicable cases, the discussion and stakeholder feedback to the Green Paper shall be further developed into a White Paperin order to further elaborate and subsequently disseminate Step recommendations and positions.

White Papers

ISSN: 2071-3576 (Online)

#7 2018-02-21  
Legislative principles for WEEE in developing countries

#6 2016-01-18 
WEEE systems and legislation

#5 2014-06-03 TF 1 “Policy”
One Global Definition of E-waste

#4 2014-06-02 TF 4 “ReCycle”
Recommendations for Standards Development for Collection, Storage, Transport and Treatment of E-waste 

#3 2009-10-01 TF 1 “Policy”
On the Revision of EU’s WEEE Directive - COM(2008)810 final

#2 2009-03-05 TF 3 “ReUse”
One Global Understanding of Re-Use - Common Definitions 

#1 2009-01-28 TF 1 “Policy”
E-waste Take-back System Design and Policy Approaches

Green Papers

#12 2016-10-24  
Leaded Glass from Cathode Ray Tubes (CRTs) - A Critical Review of Recycling and Disposal Options 

ISSN: 2219-6579 (Online)

#11 2016-01-20  

Business Plan Calculation Tool for Manual Dismantling Facilities 

#11 2016-01-13 
TBM of EEE destined for Reuse 

#10 2016-01-07 
Reuse Potential 

#9 2015-02-13 TF 1 "Policy"
E-waste Prevention, Take-back System Design and Policy Approaches 

#8 2014-01-14 TF 1 "Policy"
Differentiating EEE products and Wastes  

#7 2013-04-10 TF 3 “ReUse”
E-waste Country Study Ethiopia  

#6 2013-04-05 TF 1 “Policy”
E-waste in China: A Country Report 

#5 2013-03-25 TF 1 “Policy”
Transboundary Movements of Discarded Electrical and Electronic Equipment

#4 2012-06-22 TF 4 “ReCycle”
Recommendations on Standards for Collection, Storage, Transport and Treatment of E-Waste. Principles, Requirements and Conformity Assessment 

#3 2012-02-01 TF 1 “Policy”
International policy response towards potential supply and demand distortions of scarce metals 

#2 2011-11-08 TF 2 “ReDesign”
Worldwide Impacts of Substance Restrictions of ICT Equipment

#1 2011-09-15 TF 1 “Policy”
Step Green Paper on E-waste Indicators

Annual Reports

Annual Report 2015/2016 (eBook)

Annual Report 2013/2014 (eBook)

Annual Report 2012/2013 (eBook)

Annual Report 2012/13

Annual Report 2011 (2.81MB)

Annual Report 2010 (2.49MB)

Annual Report 2009 (2.46MB)

Annual Report 2008 (3.63MB)

Other Step Publications

Transboundary movements of used and waste electronic and electrical equipment  

Step Comments Ghana final - Part I & II Characterizing Transboundary Flows of Used Electronics: Summary Report  

Quantitative Characterization of Domestic and Transboundary Flows of Used Electronics - Analysis of Generation, Collection, and Export in the United States 

Solving the e-waste problem: An interdisciplinary compilation of international e-waste research


Recycling - From E-Waste to Resources

Author: Step
Publisher: UNEP & UNU
Year of publication: 2010
No. of pages: 94

Information Technology and Sustainability 

Author: Lorenz M. Hilty
Publisher: BOD
Place of publication: Norderstedt, Germany
Year of publication: 2008
No. of pages: 180

additional information

Technical report on the assessment of e-waste management in Morocco
Author: Laissaoui, S.E.; Rochat, D.
Publisher: Hewlett Packard, DSF, Empa
Place of publication: St. Gallen
Year of publication: 2008
No. of pages: 67

additional information

E-waste Management in Kenya

Author: Waema, T.; Mureithi, M.
Publisher: Hewlett Packard, DSF, Empa
Place of publication: Nairobi
Year of publication: 2008
No. of pages: 67

additional information

e-Waste Assessment South Afrcia

Author: Finlay, A.; Liechti, D.
Publisher: Hewlett Packard, DSF, Empa
Place of publication: St. Gallen
Year of publication: 2008
No. of pages: 73

additional information

e-Waste assessment in Uganda: A situational analysis of e-waste management and generation with special emphasis on personal computers

Author: Wasswa, J.; Schluep, M.
Publisher: UNIDO, Microsoft
Place of publication: Kampala & St. Gallen
Year of publication: 2008
No. of pages: 35

additional information

"2007 Review of Directive 2002/96 on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)”, Final Report to European Commission, .

Author: Huisman, Jaco et al.
Publisher: European Commission
Place of publication: Bonn
Year of publication: 2007
No. of pages: 377

read the complete document  

Computers and the Environment: Understanding and Managing their impacts.

Author: Kuehr, Ruediger & Eric Williams (eds.)
Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publishers & United Nations University
Place of publication: Dordrecht/Boston/London
Year of publication: 2004
No. of pages: 285

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