The Step actors

The supreme body of the Step Initiative is the General Assembly which decides the general direction and development of the organization. The General Assembly is based on a Memorandum of Understanding, signed by all members, which clearly enunciates the five guiding principles of Step.

The Step organizational structure is designed to encourage dynamic interactivity between the key organizational units that promote and drive forward the Step Initiative.The key units comprise of a Steering Committee, a Secretariat, and our five core focus areas.

This structure enables active involvement of our coordinators, members and observers as well as Regional Focal Points who serve as regional links to Step activities... see organogram

  • The Steering Committee consists of seven members and is responsible for the progress of the Step Initiative
  • The Secretariat acts as the operations, coordination and communication hub**
  • The Core Focus Areas are devoted to research, analysis and facilitation of pilot projects in line with Step’s objectives
  • Step members actively contribute to at least one of the Step Projects
  • Regional Focal Points primarily serve as a link between the Secretariat and members, focusing on activities and issues in their corresponding regions

** In addition, the Secretariat assists in the operation of the Core Theme Areas – particularly in stakeholder dialogue,  education of political recommendations, developments of White and Green Papers, marketing, networking, liaising and fundraising.