Project co-leads

Project: Recommendations on collection and recycling schemes in developing and emerging countries

Smit, Eelco

Eelco Smit is Senior Sustainability Manager at Philips Consumer lifestyle where he is responsible for all recycling activities worldwide. In this job he is responsible for ensuring compliance of the company against all legal recycling requirements and optimizing the waste management processes for its products. Furthermore he is also responsible for coordinating the companies’ activities on the use of recycled plastics and the circular economy.


Magalini, Federico

As a Research Associate since 2005 at UNU-ISP SCYCLE, Federico has been working with Step Initiative on e-waste, including different studies for the European Commission and key stakeholders in the context of the recast of the WEEE Directive; he is currently focusing on capacity building projects mainly in developing countries as project manager of Ewaste Academy – Managers Edition.

Between 2008 and 2011 Federico has also been working as Quality & Operations Manager in Italian take-back system, in addition to his UNU-related activities.



Project: Standard Curriculum

Fitzpatrick, Colin

Colin Fitzpatrick is a lecturer in the Dept of Electronic & Computer Engineering at the University of Limerick in Ireland. His research interests include Sustainable Lifecycle Engineering, Energy Management, Resource Efficiency, Electronics Reuse, RFID in Product Life Cycle Management, Design for Disassembly and Conflict Minerals and he has published widely in these areas. He co-ordinated the Reuse Task Force of the StEP Initiative from 2010-14 and is a member of the Ethiopian E-Waste Management Advisory Group. He is also a member of the Electronics Goes Green Conference program committee, the Care Innovation International Program Committee and the International Symposium on Sustainable Systems and Technology organising committee.



Project: Elaborating a Step-toolkit “E-waste Training Materials

Spitzbart, Markus

Markus Spitzbart is the manager of the "D.R.Z - Dismantling- and Recycling-Centre", the social enterprise of the Wiener Volkshochschulen GmbH. The D.R.Z is a recycling facility, where e-waste collected by the municipality of Vienna, is manually dismantled and prepared for material recycling. Furthermore in the D.R.Z reusable devices are selected from the input and refurbished. In the TrashDesignManufaktur the D.R.Z produces recycling products like furniture out of washing-machine-drums, jewellery out of cables, HHDs and a lot more. Since 2012 Markus Spitzbart is involved in projects coordinated by UNIDO in African countries like Uganda and Tanzania supporting the establishment of sustainable e-waste recycling facilities in these countries. As one result of these activities the StEP dismantling calculation tool was further developed by him to a business plan calculation tool for e-waste recycling facilities.


Herbeck, Elisabeth

Elisabeth Herbeck work within the Environment Branch of UNIDO since 2011. Her work focuses on the preparation and implementation of e-waste management project in developing countries and countries with economies in transition. The main focus of UNIDOs e-waste management activities is to ensure the establishment of sustainable e-waste management strategies at national and regional level.



Project: Transboundary movements of WEEE/EEE & Hazardous fractions

Lepawsky, Josh


Whiting, Patricia

Patricia Whiting joined Sims Recycling Solutions as Senior International Policy Analyst in 2012. She supports compliance with national and international laws, regulations and policies governing the management and transboundary movement of used and end-of-life electronics. Prior to joining Sims, Patricia was with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for 21 years, serving as the U.S. Basel Competent Authority for over a decade.



Project:  Legislative Principles

Perry, Jonathan





Former Task Forces Coordinators

Task Force Policy

Perry, Jonathan

Jonathan joined Dell in May 2005. He has been responsible for the promotion and support of Dell’s Asset Recovery Services programme and for the Implementation of the WEEE and Batteries directive for Dell in the UK and other EMEA countries. 

In his current role Jonathan monitors and supports developing e-waste legislation across EMEA and also supports projects in EMEA and globally relating to producer responsibility, data security, partner compliance and Dell’s commitment to take back and recycling.

McCann, Duncan

Duncan is the founder and director of a small not for profit organisation called WEEE Help based in london that offers an independent perspective on the management of e-waste and associated policy issues. His focus is on delivering innovative projects and proposals that seek to turn the e-waste problem into an exciting opportunity, both at a local and international level, through the creation of jobs and an improvement in the lifecycle of electronics, where desirable, through responsible reuse and the development of sound policy instruments.


Task Force ReDesign

Peck, David

Assistant Professor in the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), The Netherlands. His current research at TU Delft aims to establish the state of the art with respect to the level of awareness and understanding of critical materials use in companies. The chosen companies are involved within the product design - manufacturing domain and in particular the electrical/electronic sectors. For those companies who do have an awareness the research will establish what actions are currently underway or are being planned in the near future. This research has a focus around the early stages of the new product development process and acts as the start point of a response around circular economy approaches.

Schischke, Karsten 

Scientific assistant at Fraunhofer IZM since 2000. He holds a diploma in environmental engineering and conducts research projects in the fields of ecological and economical optimization or electronics related production processes. His expertise comprises life cycle assessment and eco-design methods. He is responsible for educational and awareness raising projects on international level.


Task Force ReUse

Dickenson, John 

Reverse Logistics Group Americas 

Fitzpatrick, Colin 

Lecturer, Department of Electronic & Computer Engineering, University of Limerick 



Task Force ReCycle

 Linell, Jason

Jason Linnell is co-founder and Executive Director of the National Center for Electronics Recycling (NCER) where he leads activities for the NCER, including research on electronics recycling data and policy and management of the Electronics Recycling Coordination Clearinghouse (ERCC). In addition to these activates, NCER manages and oversees the statewide networks of collectors and recyclers for the Oregon State Contractor Program and Vermont State Standard Plan.


Reyes, Laura 

Laura is a qualified Environmental & Sanitary Engineer of La Salle University in Bogotá. She holds an master's degree in International Business Management from UWIC University in the United Kingdom.  

Laura has substantial experience in the environmental management industry. As part of this work, she helped develop the ITU Tool Kit For Sustainable ICTs as Co-writer of Chapter VII Sustainable E-waste Management. She has spoken at E-waste conferences in Geneva, Kenya and Germany. At these meetings, e-waste leaders share experiences and best practices around Electronics Green design, sustainable use and final disposition. 

Currently based in Colombia, Laura actively participates on local and regional initiatives that aim to develop a better and more formal electronic recycling industry in Latin America from a legislative perspective.


Task Force Capacity Building

Luepschen, Claudia 

Claudia Luepschen is a Research Associate at UNU-ISP SCYCLE. Prior to joining UNU, Claudia has worked for the German Ministry for Environment and Nature Protection, Agriculture and Consumer Protection Northrhine-Westphalia, where she has been an associate at the Minister’s office. 
Heijnen, Mireille 

Mireille Heijnen is Environmental Manager for HP and responsible for the Benelux, as well as involved in HP e-waste projects in EMEA. Mireille joined HP in 2010, after having worked in politics and as an EU government affairs manager in Brussels, including 4 years for Microsoft. She lives with her family in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.