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Closing the Loop teams up with Ingram Micro

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The Dutch firm Closing the Loop has 8 years of experience in building, selling and scaling green services that create benefits for IT users, while tackling the rise of global electronic waste. But creating a closed loop process is not about one organisation’s ambitions. It’s about teaming up to increase value for the tech industry, gadget users and society.

The service provided by Closing the Loop - labeled by most as ‘waste-compensation' - offers a great way to make the IT reuse, or refurbishing, market more effective, more appealing and more sustainable. The firm ‘closes the loop‘ for this huge market by helping its leaders to collect the same amount of waste, as the amount of used electronics that they lose track of, through their normal sales process.

Closing the Loop was looking to scale its solutions and is now teaming up with Ingram Micro. Ingram Micro, a global leader in IT asset disposition, saw an opportunity to make e-waste compensation a new standard for the electronics industry. The two organisations are now bringing together the best of two worlds: an inclusive ‘closed loop’ for IT, available at scale.

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