Member Area – A virtual conference on Ecologically-Sustainable Digitalization in an International Context

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May19-20 2021 | 10:00am to 3:00pm CET

 Digitalization and increased appreciation of the need to move towards a more sustainable development within our planetary boundaries are the two main drivers of the comprehensive transformations which economies and societies worldwide will undergo in the decades ahead and are, in part, already undergoing. Each driver needs to make use of the dynamics triggered by the other. However, too often, challenges and opportunities linked to digitalization and sustainable development are discussed within separate communities or in national forums that neglect the globalized context (including the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda) in which they occur. The aim of this conference is to complement ongoing discourses on the interlinkages between digitalization and the ecological dimension of sustainable development from an international perspective.

To this end, the event brings together experts and scientists, entrepreneurs, civil society representatives and policy makers from both communities and from across the world for an exchange of views and practical experiences on the following questions: 

// What concrete measures are needed to ensure the ecological sustainability of digitalization? 

// How can digitalization enable and support the transformation towards more sustainable development? 

// How can we learn from each other and cooperate on an international and bilateral level in order to create favorable framework conditions and promote promising initiatives for sustainable digitalization?

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