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Guide for creating successful informal-formal partnerships in the Indian E-waste Sector published by GIZ

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At the end of 2018 GIZ published a new short practical guidance “Creating Successful Formal-informal Partnerships in the Indian E-waste Sector” on how producers and their representatives can approach informal e-waste actors to develop so-called formal-informal partnerships. Under the Indian E-waste Rules 2016, producers have to meet increasing collection targets under their extended producer responsibility obligations. As most e-waste is handled by the informal sector in India, engaging with informal collection networks can be an important way to obtain access to this e-waste, as well as ensuring that the development of the e-waste management system is inclusive and builds upon existing structures. The guidance derives from the analysis of the 2017 report Building the Link - Leveraging Formal-Informal Partnerships in the Indian E-Waste Sector, but focuses on practical steps which can be taken by producer organisations or other formal actors looking to engage with the informal sector.

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