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StEP warmly welcomes a new member, Mr Leandro Navarro into our community. Mr. Navarro is a professor at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya ( He has a PhD in telecommunications and is as well coordinating the distributed systems group at UPC. He is a co-rapporteur of ITU-T Q7/SG5 standards on e-waste, circular economy and sustainable supply chain management (L.1024, L.1033, L.1318). His research topics are focusing on distributed systems and digitalization and his main interests are sustainability, development, economics, decentralization, transparency, accountability, governance, and digital inclusion. He is co-founder of the initiative, and part of the environmental sustainability group of the Association for Progressive Communications ( and the IGF Dynamic Coalition on Environment (DCE). You can find a more detailed list of Mr Navarro’s publications here.

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