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New study published titled “Current situation of E-waste management, treatment, reuse and waste recovery in Paraguay”

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The study published in Dec 2018, was the result of the collaboration between the Faculty of science and Technology from the Catholic University of Asunción and the Environmental Management for Sustainable Development Waste of Asuncion. Its main aim is to provide an overview of the dynamics of the current E-waste management in Paraguay and encourages the design of regulations focused on its responsible management.

The main challenge with the sustainable management of WEEE in Latin America is the lack of regulation and strong legislations. Only 7 countries (Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru) have national legislation on WEEE and others (Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Panama and Uruguay) have initiated the process of development of regulations.  

Paraguay doesn’t have a specific regulation on WEEE management, however, there are environmental regulations that relate to waste management and environmental protection. As a result, the integrated management of WEEE has been left to the will of companies and the public in general. This has led to private companies and project initiatives to support education centres by providing them with reuse equipments such as computers. This report provides an overview of the market sales, consumer behaviour and estimates that by the year 2025 Paraguay will generate 80,762 tons of WEEE. This estimation excludes the waste generation of mobile phones (which is approximately 15.000 tons per year) and computers (which is approximately 1,500 tons per year).

Language of the study: Spanish


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