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StEP green paper explores policy solutions to e-waste problem

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The Solving the E-Waste Problem (StEP) Initiative has released a new green paper that delves into the various policies that have been enacted in response to the global e-waste problem.

The E-waste Prevention, Take-back System Design and Policy Approaches green paper presents 17 case studies from 15 different countries, each of which takes a different approach to lessening the environmental and human health damage that can result from improper disposal and treatment of e-waste.

Authors Duncan McCann of WEEE Help and Annelaure Wittmann of Enda Europe investigate the pros and cons of e-waste prevention and take-back systems in various settings from the policy perspectives of role-setting, logistics, financing and controlling illegal transboundary flows of e-waste. They also cover options for preventing the creation, consumption and disposal of electrical and electronic equipment in the first place, favoring reduction and reuse over recycling.

Though no one-size-fits-all solution exists for managing e-waste in every country, this green paper can be used and shared as a tool to learn what may work for a given region or country.

The full text of the paper can be found here.


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