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Partnership models between the informal and the formal sector

The Step Inititiative - Always stay informed

The target of this project is to develop recommendations on how partnerships between the formal and informal sector can be successfully developed/scaled up. The findings of the project will be compiled in a StEP White Paper and be introduced and discussed in selected stakeholder processes.

Special focus is put on analysing the following key questions:

  • How can they be organized (collection agencies etc.)?
  • How can they be financed taking e.g. price gaps between informal and formal markets in different countries into account?
  • What could be the processes of linking producer take-back system / PROs with informal stakeholders?

The project group conducts at one hand literature review as well as quantitative interviews to develop a mapping showing generics and specifics (theory) for partnerships between the formal and informal sector and further summarizing the findings in the envisioned StEP paper. The results will further be advocated for applications in selected processes where StEP members are involved.

Project lead: GIZ

Project members: RELAC, RLG, US-EPA, Philips, University of South Denmark, BCCC China, E-Titanium

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