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E-Waste Plastics in the Circular Economy

The Step Inititiative - Always stay informed

The webinar provided the participants with first-hand information from a recycler and a producer regarding the challenges faced to produce, sell or use recycled plastics. During the discussion key-factors that need to be changed or adapted by recyclers and producers in order to make circular economy of e-waste plastics work will be identified and discussed.



  1. Global challenges of E-Waste Plastic recycling - Michael Gasser (EMPA)
  2. State of the art e-waste plastic recycling: What is possible, what isn’t? - Chris Slijkhuis (Müller Guttenbrunn Group)
  3. The producers perspective: Current trends and approves to integrate recycles e-waste in the production process Sepas Setayesh (Philips)
  4. Discussion


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