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From Waste to Wow - Innovations in Electronics Refurbishment

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Formalisation strategies in e-waste – Insights from Asia

Date: 31th October 2023
Time: 10 am (UTC-4) / 2 pm (UTC+0) 3 pm (UTC+1) / 9 pm (UTC+7)

We would like to cordially invite you to join our webinar on From Waste to Wow - Innovations in Electronics Refurbishment on the 31th of June 2023 at 15-17:00 pm CEWT.

The future of a sustainable world is now, and it starts with refurbishing and repairing electronic devices. Join us on October 31st to explore innovative solutions in electronics refurbishment. In today's circular economy, creativity, organization, and efficiency play a crucial role in turning waste into wow.

Webinar Highlights:

1️⃣ "Empowering the Youth Through Electronics"
Discover how a large organization in Trinidad and Tobago leverages old electronics to teach mathematics, physics, electronics, SAT preparation, and more to thousands of students.

2️⃣ "Transforming E-Waste into New Treasures"
Journey through an industrial-scale refurbishment project that turns waste electronics into brand-new electronic products, led by Electro Recycling in Ghana.

3️⃣ "Innovating Agriculture Monitoring with E-Waste"
Learn about the refurbishment and development of new monitoring devices for agriculture using old electronics and spare parts. Witness pioneering environmentally sound e-waste management from an institution in Laos.

The speakers of the webinar will be Raj Ramdass from Restore A Sense of I Can (RSC) in Trinidad and Tobago, Jeffrey Adongo from Electro Recycling in Ghana, and Derek Spranger and Ken Streutker from MAKERBOX in Laos.


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