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Public Consultation Paper “Lithium metal battery management guidelines in the reverse value chain”

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Date: 27th March
Time: 2:00 pm CET

Batteries are a key component of future de-carbonization strategies in the energy and mobility sectors which is facing rapid growth. The recycling and resource preservation require collaboration along the entire value chain. In order to summarize the challenges associated with managing li-ion batteries in electronic products, a StEP working group has been formed.

The working group identified the following main challenges:

  • The danger associated with explosions and fires during handling process
  • Location of batteries in electronic devices and their chemistries
  • Information availability
  • Battery discharge process
  • Proper packaging and shipping information
  • Economic viability of battery recycling
  • Financing of waste battery management
  • Reuse potential of batteries in a circular economy setup
  • The complexity of regulation guiding transportation of waste batteries

A paper has been developed aiming at provide a good basis for discussion for the industry practitioners and researchers. Within the document a set of guidelines and best practice approaches has been summarized which will help to address the identified challenges.

Within the webinar, the StEP working group will present the discussion paper and is looking for inputs, comments and additional feedback from experts working in the battery y sector.


2:00pm – 2:05pm Welcome
2:05pm – 2:30pm Presentation of Paper “Lithium metal battery management guidelines in the reverse value chain”
2:30pm – 3:30pm Feedback from audience/ Discussion/ Q&A


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