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WEEE systems, legislations and legislative principles in developing countries

The Step Inititiative - Always stay informed

This Webinar followed up to the StEP project on “WEEE systems and legislations” and in finalization of the StEP White Paper “Legislative Principles: E-waste in the Developing World”.


The Agenda of the 90 minutes Webinar was the following:

  1. Welcome & Intro into StEP (Ruediger Kuehr) (10 minutes) download PDF
  2. WEEE systems and legislations (Eelco Smit & Federico Magalini) (15 minutes) download PDF
  3. Legislative Principles: E-waste in the Developing World (Jonathan Perry) (15 minutes) download PDF
  4. Questions to the presenters (10 minutes)
  5. Discussion (app. 40 minutes)

The streaming of the Webinar is available here.

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