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What are Pervasive Electronic Products?

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What are Pervasive Electronic Products?

Date: 24th May 2023
Time: 3 pm CEST

The increasing incorporation of electronic devices in everyday life is the result of several factors, including advancements in digitalization, rapid technological development, and falling production costs. Over the last two decades, we have seen a number of key trends in the electronics market, including devices becoming smaller and more advanced, more affordable, and having shorter lifespans.

The proliferation of electronic devices has also led to a corresponding increase in electronic waste. As electronic devices have become more affordable, they have also become more ubiquitous, with electronic components being integrated into a wide range of products for both aesthetic and functional purposes. This has resulted in the emergence of a new category of products, known as "Pervasive Electronics," which blur the distinction between electronic and non-electronic products. These include items such as ski boots with electric heating functions, board games with built-in LED lights, and many other items that incorporate electronic components in new and innovative ways.

The increasing affordability and versatility of electronics has also led to their incorporation in various fields, such as medicine, transportation, and energy production. Electronic devices have become an essential part of modern life, and their impact on society and the environment is undeniable. With the ongoing developments in technology and the continuous innovation in various fields, the trend of pervasive electronics is expected to continue, and will likely have a significant impact on the way we live, work and interact.

The webinar program:

- Introduction of StEP and the webinar/ Christian Zafiu, BOKU Vienna
- Introduction to the topic of Pervasive Electronics / Heinz Böni, Head of Research Group, Empa Switzerland
- E-Textiles: Trends and challenges    / Nazanin Ansari, Innovation Manager Smart Textiles, Schoeller Textil AG Switzerland
- Potential implications for the waste management with focus on the EPR / Pascal Leroy
- Moderated discussion - Questions and answers


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