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StEP Working Groups

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The aim of the StEP Working Groups is to foster cooperation and share knowledge between StEP members in order to develop guidance and propose solutions.

The working groups are open to all StEP members. Members of the working group connect on a regular basis through web-based calls.


Current working groups
and their objectives

StEP Regional Working Group for Latin America

The Working Group aims at supporting sustainable WEEE management in Latin America through collaboration and knowledge sharing. The Working Group defined the following objectives:

  1. Collaborate on producing tangible outputs which contribute to annually defined priority topics.
  2. Bring existing knowledge and expertise from StEP members to WEEE stakeholders in LAC countries.
  3. Facilitate communication between StEP members interested in the region and share information about ongoing projects and activities.

StEP Working Group Emerging E-Waste Issues

In 2020 StEP conducted a survey amongst all StEP members in order to identify three main emerging e-waste issues. Based on the results of the survey, the following issues have been selected to further look into:

  1. Off-Grid Energy Systems
  2. Lack of Markets
  3. Pervasive Electronics

The Working Group aims at developing a consolidated report providing an overview to all three issues as well as insights and recommendations for further activities to address the identified challenges.