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The Step Inititiative - Always stay informed

StEP is based on a Memorandum of Understanding, signed by all members, which clearly outlines the basis of cooperation between the members as well as the purpose and objectives of the initiative.

The supreme body of the StEP Initiative is the General Assembly which decides the general direction and development of the initiative. The General Assembly meets once a year physically to discuss future focus projects and areas of work.

All members are invited to join the General Assembly.


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StEP Management Board


The Management Board acts as the operations, coordination and communication (internal & external) hub of the StEP Initiative. The Management Board is led by an Executive Director and supported by respective staff. The chair of the StEP Supervisory Committee is also a member of the Management Board.

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StEP Supervisory Committee


The role of the Supervisory Committee is to provide guidance and support to the Executive Director in order to meet StEP’s objectives.

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Regional Focal Points


The primary purpose of the StEP Regional Focal Point (RFP) is to act as a source of information to the StEP Management Board and members on relevant e-waste efforts, activities and news in their respective region. Together with the Supervisory Committee and the Management Board, the RFP play a key role in providing StEP members with useful information and offering recommendations or suggestions for future discussion issues or events that can benefit StEP members and/or show a benefit from StEP involvement.

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